At MJ May Material Specialists Inc., we custom-engineer endless belts for many types of applications. Our endless belts are manufactured by welding extruded polyurethane belting into an endless loop or by molding Viton, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM), or silicone rubber into the exact sizes customers need. The specific type of material used for each belt depends on the intended application, with light-duty applications often using rubber belts, while light- to medium-duty applications tend to use polyurethane belts.

We have the unique ability to manufacture endless belts in round, flat, and v- profiles and the popular twisted o-ring styles that meet our customers’ specifications while minimizing lead time. In addition, most of our polyurethane belts are made from FDA grade materials, so they are commonly found in food and beverage applications. On average, we ship 5,000 endless belts across the globe daily, keeping our customers consistently happy with our belting services and solutions.

Learn more about the applications and benefits of our belting services.

Applications of MJ May’s Belts

Our endless belts are found in a wide range of applications across different industries:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing, such as beverage canning and bottling lines, meat packing and processing, condiment and snack package filling operations.
  • Office and business equipment, including card readers, paper-handling machines, and tape backup drives.
  • Bank and currency-handling machines, such as ATMs, friction feed units, check and ticket processors, coin counters, gaming machines, and toll-taking equipment.
  • Printing and paper equipment, like un-winders, continuous form handling, imaging, and take-up machinery.
  • Postal and mail handling equipment, such as letter sorters, buckle folders, inserters, and feeder units.
  • Packaging equipment, including labeling, capping, strapping, and bottle-sleeving machines
  • Warehouse and distribution, on conveyors and conveying equipment, automatic sortation systems, and automated storage and retrieval systems.
  • Power transmission equipment, like machine tools, high-speed balancing, micropower transmission, and conveyors

The MJ May Advantage

You will enjoy multiple benefits when you choose MJ May’s belting services.


Our belting services increase your operational efficiency, and reduce inventory and downtime. Our belts are highly convenient and offer a higher quality, and longer lasting weld than you would get making these belts on your own. In fact, our premium belts offer a lifetime warranty when used properly in their intended applications.

Endless belts from MJ May are available in virtually any size, so you don’t have to keep multiple belts in your own facility’s inventory. MJ May belts also reduce downtime by keeping your equipment up and running properly, since we offer a much wider variety of belts in custom sizes with short lead times in the exact sizes you require.


You can expect a fast turnaround for your belt order with MJ May, as we can complete most orders within three to five days. In addition, hard to find sizes that take other companies weeks to produce, we are able to make and ship in just a matter of days.


The quality of our endless belts keeps our customers satisfied. To facilitate a consistently high level of quality with every order, our belts are manufactured using only the highest quality urethane materials, and all of our products are entirely American-made.

MJ May: Your Partner for Quality Belting Services

If you want to get started with our belting services, we make it easy using a streamlined order process. Customers normally email their requirements to our team, along with information about belt profile, quantity, and dimensions. Our team will then send a quote before our customers place their orders. Once the order is placed, we work to provide our customers with the desired custom belts within three to five days.

Many high-profile customers—including Amazon, FMH Conveyors, Hytrol Conveyors, and Dorner—repeatedly turn to us for quality belting services. If you want some of the most reliable belting solutions for your application, we encourage you to connect with us as your go-to partner for custom endless belts. MJ May Material Specialists has over 25 years of experience manufacturing superior endless belts, and our expert belt makers have more than 200 years of combined experience.

For more information about our belting services, contact us today.