Various industries and applications use high-performance films and fabrics due to their many desirable qualities. At MJ May Material Specialists, Inc., we offer high-performance films and fabrics made from quality Teflon (PTFE), UHMW, Kapton (Polyimide), Polyester, Polyurethane, and many other materials to ensure durability and longevity in a range of environments. We can deliver customized products in several shapes and sizes with quick turnaround times so that you can have the materials you need when you need them.

High Performance Films & Fabrics Key Features

MJ May Material Specialists, Inc. has offered Teflon (PTFE), UHMW, Kapton (Polyimide), Polyester, Polyurethane films, and fabrics since the company’s establishment. Over the years, we have refined and supplemented our film and fabric offering with other high-performance products, becoming the go-to source for these materials. Whether you require rolls, sheets, or custom-converted products made with our films and fabrics, our experts can accommodate your needs.

Our high-performance films and fabrics offer a range of beneficial features that make them useful in various applications:

  • Teflon (PTFE) films and fabrics. Our PTFE films and fabrics offer excellent performance in highly corrosive environments and extreme temperatures.  This premium product is the go-to in the most challenging applications and with its low coefficient of friction, it is an excellent surface to use when a clean release surface is desired.
  • UHMW films and fabrics. UHMW films and fabrics aren’t as resistant to extreme temperatures but offer a slick surface that allows other materials to glide over it effortlessly. This makes it a great choice for gravity flow applications, lining chutes, and situations where two surfaces may rub against one another. For the latter, UHMW prevents noise emanation allowing your process to operate more quietly.

Applications of High Performance Films & Fabrics

Due to their many desirable qualities, high-performance films and fabrics are ideal for a wide variety of applications across diverse industries, including:

  • Food and beverage. Our high-performance films and fabrics can be made from food-grade materials that are safe to use in food and beverage applications. These materials are resistant to chemicals and high temperatures, making them well-suited for food processing environments.
  • Material Handling. High-performance films and fabrics can be used in the material handling applications in warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and high speed operations where slick surfaces allow your products to move along without any hesitation.  Chutes, slides, gravity flow applications, and many other environments are aided by these materials. 
  • Medical. The medical industry depends on quality, durable materials that can hold up under harsh conditions. Our films and fabrics offer the ideal solutions for applications ranging from medical devices to inflatable beds and more.
  • Electronics. High-performance films and fabrics can protect sensitive electronic components from damage caused by challenging environments.

In addition to the above industry applications, our high-performance products can be used for various other purposes due to their durability and longevity. Other applications include rafts, tents, coverings, closures, alternative energy materials, and much more.

Benefits of High Performance Films & Fabrics

Our high-performance films and fabrics offer numerous benefits. Because they are made with Teflon (PTFE),  and UHMW, Kapton (Polyimide), Polyester, Polyurethane materials, they feature a low coefficient of friction, excellent chemical and impact resistance, great release characteristics, flexibility, and the ability to withstand a wide temperature range. When you partner with MJ May Material Specialists, Inc. for your custom film and fabric needs, you gain access to the following benefits:

  • Converting capabilities. Sometimes it can be challenging to find products with the shape, size, or backing that you need. Because we are a converter, we can deliver a solution that meets your specific requirements for materials, dimensions, and quantity. 
  • Customized solution. Our converting capabilities allow us to offer completely customized films and fabrics that meet your application requirements. We can laminate adhesives onto sheets or rolls of film as well as die-cut or waterjet-cut the material to customer specifications. We can also make magnetic-backed versions of our products.
  • Quick turnaround. Our inventory position allows us to quickly produce fully customized film and fabric solutions with fast turnaround times.

High Performance Films & Fabrics From MJ May Material Specialists, Inc.

High-performance films and fabrics offer a durable, reliable solution for a wide range of industrial applications. As a leading provider of custom converted materials, the experts at MJ May Material Specialists, Inc. can deliver UHMW and PTFE film and fabric products at competitive prices with fast turnaround times. Our in-house slitting, strip-cutting, die-cutting, punching, waterjet-cutting, and other converting capabilities allow us to deliver tailored film and fabric solutions that meet your specifications.

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