For over 20 years, MJ May Material Specialists has been a leading converter of VELCRO® brand fasteners. With a vast inventory of these VELCRO® products on spools up to 700 yards each, we provide the flexibility to meet your needs, whether you want the hook and loop paired or packaged separately. Our packaging options cater to different preferences, from standard industrial packaging to small commercial spools and retail-ready blister packs.

Learn more about our genuine VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners, including their advantages and applications.

Genuine VELCRO® Hook & Loop Fasteners Explained

VELCRO® brand hook-and-loop fasteners have two essential components, a hook side (the rough side)  and a loop side (the soft fuzzy side), designed to securely attach when pressed together. This ingenious design allows for quick and effortless closure, eliminating the need for specialized tools or equipment. The term “Velcro” itself is a portmanteau of the French words “velour” (velvet) and “crochet” (hook), representing the hook-like nature of this fastening system.

The hook strip, featuring tiny fabric (made from synthetic plastics) or metal hooks, firmly grasps onto the loops in the loop strip, creating a robust and reliable bond. This mechanism makes VELCRO® fasteners versatile and adaptable to diverse applications.

Advantages of VELCRO® Hook & Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners are ideal for many applications across industries due to their range of benefits.

  • Ease of Use: VELCRO® fasteners are easy to use, quickly attaching and detaching without the need for any special tools.
  • Versatile: Another advantage of using VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners is that they can be utilized in various applications, like clothing, shoes, bags, and even electronic devices.
  • Durable: VELCRO® fasteners are incredibly durable. Built to withstand daily wear and tear even in challenging environments, they can be opened and closed hundreds to thousands of times.
  • Adjustable: VELCRO® fasteners are highly adjustable, so they can secure items of different sizes and shapes. They are also available in many variations with either an adhesive or plain (sew-on) backing.
  • Cost-Effective: Due to their durability and longevity, VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners are a cost-effective alternative to other fastening products.
  • No Damage: Unlike some fastening methods that may damage the materials they attach to, VELCRO® fasteners do not cause tears or holes in fabrics or other surfaces. This makes them a safe and reliable choice for any assembly.

Applications of VELCRO® Hook & Loop Fasteners

Some of the main industries that use VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners include:

  • Medical Industry: VELCRO® fasteners are extensively used in the medical field for bandages, braces, and prosthetics. Its adjustability without needing tools ensures a secure and comfortable fit for patients.
  • Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, VELCRO® finds its place in securely holding seat covers, door panels, and floor mats, enhancing vehicle functionality and aesthetics.
  • Packaging Industry: VELCRO® is vital in packaging, securing bags and boxes during transit.
  • Electronics Industry: VELCRO® fasteners are used for cord management and mounting electronic devices like remote controls and speakers onto various surfaces, simplifying organization and access.

Genuine VELCRO® Hook & Loop Fasteners from MJ May Material Specialists Inc.

VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners have revolutionized securing and fastening items across many industries. Their simplicity, versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness make them a go-to solution for even the most critical use cases.

At MJ May Material Specialists Inc., we aim to supply essential products that keep industries running smoothly. MJ May is the supplier of choice in the industrial marketplace for VELCRO® hook and loop fastener products, as we consistently sell more products into industrial applications than anyone else.

To get started, customers typically email us their requirements, including color, width, length, and backing type, along with a description of their application. From here we pair you with one of our industry experts to help you find the optimal solution for your project.  We can die-cut or waterjet cut this material into custom shapes as needed. Other value-added services we offer include slitting, strip cutting, and laminating. After we send the customer a quote, they place their order. The turnaround time for these products is usually just one to two days.

What sets us apart from other authorized VELCRO® converters is that we stock every product that our customers purchase, so we have the shortest lead times in the industry. Request a quote to begin your order.

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