High-performance bronze metals offer several advantages for various applications. At MJ May Material Specialists, Inc., we serve applications in the industrial sector with high-performance bronze metals, providing corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. We can help you select the ideal high-performance bronze alloy for your application.

High-Performance Bronze Metals

At MJ May Material Specialists, Inc., we rely on powdered metal bronze from Oilite ®, the world leader in the powdered metal bronze supply space. Oilite’s ® products offer a wide selection of sizes and are made exclusively in the USA. Bronze is a reliable, highly processable, and high-performance alloy made from tin and copper. Bronze alloys can also contain aluminum, iron, lead, and manganese in various quantities to provide properties like enhanced corrosion resistance and higher strength. Compared to copper and tin, all bronze grades offer improved durability.

Advantages of High-Performance Bronze Metals

High-performance bronze metals offer various advantages over other metals, including their strength and durability, a primary benefit over copper. Bronze also offers improved corrosion resistance and has a lower melting point than copper. It offers increased strength and hardness when a small amount of phosphorus is added to the ingot, typically one to two percent, with trace amounts added after casting. The additional strength makes bronze ideal for bushings, valves, and pump plungers.

The other advantages of high-performance bronze metals include:

  • High-strength: Bronze alloys offer high tensile strength, making them ideal for applications where extreme stress and heavy loads are expected.
  • Corrosion resistance: Bronze alloys offer exceptional corrosion resistance that allows them to perform in harsh environments, including conditions where chemical and saltwater exposure are likely.
  • Excellent wear resistance: Bronze alloys resist wear and friction, making them suitable for applications where wear and friction are an issue.
  • Machinability: Bronze alloys are easy to machine and ideal for various applications.
  • Aesthetics: Bronze alloys have an attractive color and appearance, making them suitable for decorative purposes.
  • Cost-effective: Bronze alloys offer reliable performance at an affordable price and require little maintenance. They are ideal for cost-prohibitive applications.

Applications of High-Performance Bronze Metals

High-performance bronze metals are used in various applications, including the following:

  • Marine: Bronze alloys offer exceptional corrosion resistance, strength, and durability, making them ideal for marine applications where components are exposed to salt water and brine. Bronze is suitable for constructing markers, sensors, fittings, valves, propellers, and other underwater equipment.
  • Aerospace: Bronze alloys offer wear resistance, low thermal expansion, fatigue resistance, and high strength properties that make the material ideal for gears, bushings, and bearings for aerospace applications.
  • Automotive: Bronze alloys are ideal for automotive components, including heavy-duty parts and bushings, gears, and bearings in transmissions and motors. The material offers wear resistance, durability, and strength required in industry.
  • Industrial: Bronze alloys offer electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and hardness that make them ideal for components used in industrial applications, including valves, pumps, bushings, and bearings.
  • Electrical: Bronze alloys offer electrical and thermal conductivity, making them ideal for electrical applications. The material is used in electrical device terminals, connectors, and contactors.

High-Performance Bronze Metals From MJ May Material Specialists, Inc.

At MJ May Material Specialists, Inc., we cater to a wide range of industries, and our high-performance bronze alloy solutions provide a cost-effective, wear-resistant, and high-strength material from which to fabricate your components. We have gained a reputation for delivering quality products with quick turnaround times at competitive prices. Contact us to speak with a team member about high-performance bronze metal solutions for your application.

Oilite® bearings

MJ May Material Specialists Inc. offers the most complete selection of Oilite® products available in the market.  We stock hundreds of bearings, bearing plates, and specialty Oilite® products.

Made exclusively in the USA, Genuine Oilite® plain bearings offer smooth, low-friction motion between two surfaces.  Made in sleeve, flange and thrust styles, these bearings are made with SAE 841, SAE 863, and many other bronze alloys.  Teflon® Impregnated and Food Grade Oilite® bearings, as well as, High Performance Plastic Bearings, such as, PEEK, PTFE, UHMW and Delrin complete one of the most complete range of bearing products in industry.  If we don’t have the Oilite® bearing you need, we can get it for you, simply fill out a quote request and we’ll have your quote to you in no time.

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