At MJ May, we specialize in precision custom cutting projects for any industry. We offer short lead times and high-quality production for prototypes, small-volume orders, and large production runs. Choose from custom die-cut services and a wide range of other cutting services to complete your production needs. Along with offering many different services, we can work with materials ranging from fabrics and coated adhesive tapes to films, rubbers and plastics. We even work with select metals. Learn more about our services and the industries we serve.

Types Of Services Offered

The right cutting processes result in high-quality, precision products perfect for your application. We offer multiple services to fit the exact design specifications and manufacturability demands of your product needs. Our in-house custom cutting services include:

Sheeting Services

Our team can sheet non-adhesive and adhesive backed materials up to 0.2″ thick. Our sheeting services are precise and can meet strict specifications with tolerances of 1/16″. For additional protection, we can line sheets with craft paper or mylar to prevent wrinkles and control static.

High-Speed Slitting Services

We slit rolls of PTFE, polyimide, fiberglass, and UHMW films, tapes and fabrics on a daily basis, with our fast, precision slitting services. We provide slitting for materials between 0.0005-0.06″ thick and up to 60″ wide with tolerances of 1/32″ inch.

Strip Cutting Services

Process your sheets or rolls of material into strips with our in-house strip-cutting services. Our services are fast, versatile, and adhere to 1/16″ tolerances.

Die-Cutting Services

We offer completely customizable die-cutting. Choose from a wide array of standard shapes, or our team will create custom dies for your unique products. Our die-cutting services are available for most of our in-house materials, as well as select customer-provided materials.

Lamination Services

Protect your materials for long-term usage with professional lamination services. Choose from PTFE, polyimide film, UHMW, neoprene, and other protective layers for materials up to 1″ thick and 60″ wide.

Belting Services

Order endless urethane belts, available in options such as:

  • Flat and textured surfaces
  • Round, V-shape, and flat profiles
  • A wide range of diameters and widths

Custom Linear and Rotary Shafting

We offer high-precision shafting services so you can build complex assemblies without sacrificing accuracy. Our shafting is available in 1060 and 440C case-hardened steels.

SmartShaft® High Performance Shafting

SmartShaft® high performance shafting covers all of your shafting needs.  SmartShaft® is the highest precision rotary and linear shafting available on the market.  Whether you need simple turned and ground shafting for a basic rotary application, or a highly configured shaft with keyways, threads, tapped holes, or any other variant, we have the know how to get you the highest performing product for your application.  All of our SmartShaft® products are made in the USA.

Waterjet Cutting Services

We cut a wide range of materials with waterjet cutting. This procedure minimizes mechanical stress on materials while offering high accuracy and customization.

Industries Served

MJ May is a leading provider of custom cutting services for prototypes, special orders, and large-volume production runs of consumer, commercial, and industrial goods. Our in-house cutting services deliver the utmost accuracy so your products comply with industrial regulations and standards. We have a history of serving these and other industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Beverage Processing/Manufacturing
  • Food and Medical Packaging
  • Food Processing/Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Solar

We also provide custom-cutting services for McMaster-Carr and Motion Industries, the go-to source for springs, linear motion carriages, and over 700,000 other products.

Custom Die Cutting Services & More by MJ May

Enjoy uncompromising quality for all of your custom-designed goods with cutting services from MJ May, Our custom die-cutting services are innovative and streamlined so you can quickly have the parts you need within short lead times and without ever sacrificing accuracy. Reach out today to learn more about our cutting services and capabilities, or request a quote to start your cutting order.