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Polyimide Film

Polyimide film (aka Kapton®) provides outstanding hardness and is often used as an excellent electrical insulator.  It possesses a superior balance of chemical, physical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range.  This easily recognized amber colored film is often used in electrical shielding and insulating applications.  Polyimide does not melt.


The most outstanding properties are:

· Extreme temperature performance capabilities

· Highly conformable

· Excellent hardness


Polyimide can be used in a temperature range from –450°F to +680°F. 



Color:  Amber (Semi-Clear)

Temperature Range:  –450°F to +680°F

Tensile Strength:  16,000 psi

Impact Strength:  0.58 ft-lbs./in.

Specifications Met:  UL 94V0

Recommended for Outdoor Use:  No



Polyimide enjoys a ubiquitous presence in a vast array of electronic applications.  From the most advanced computer applications to 2-way radios, it’s electrical insulating properties are second to none.

Available with an adhesive backing to ease installation, polyimide is easy to work with and quite durable. 



Film:  .001” to .005” thick

Adhesive-Backed Film with Silicone Adhesive:  .001” to .005” thick


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