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PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabrics and Tapes

PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabrics and Tapes are used extensively in packaging and sealing applications.  Available with various enhanced properties, you are sure to find a PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabric that suits your requirements.


The most outstanding properties are:

· Slick surface has excellent release properties (due to PTFE coating)

· High heat resistance

· Low coefficient of friction

· Chemical, moisture and wear resistant

· High dimensional and mechanical stability

· Superior dielectric properties


PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabrics can be used in a temperature range from –100°F to +500°F. 



Color(s):  Natural Brown and Black

Temperature Range:  –100°F to +500°F



PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabrics are widely used in heat sealing applications.  This product typically covers the metal heating element used to melt plastic and form seals in a myriad of product packaging applications.  From ketchup  packets and potato chip bags to sterile medical products, PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabric is an essential product.


Applications include:  food packaging, product packaging, electrical insulating, mold release material


FORMS AVAILABLE (typically from stock with and without adhesive backing)

Standard Grade:  .003” to .020” thick

Premium Grade:  .003” to .014” thick

Black:  .003” to .006” thick

Ultra Grade:  .004” to .014” thick

Tear Resistant:  .004” to .014” thick

Black Antistatic:  .003” to .014” thick

Porous:  .003” to .010”


Most grades available with and without adhesive backing.

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